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Brofist Community Coin

What is PEW?

PEW is a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital crypto-currency that enables you to easily send money on-line.

Why did we takeover the project?

The original Brofist project was created on February 26, 2018 by unknown developer. It has been listed in the exchange https://graviex.net. However, after the original developer had sold some of his master nodes, then he gone away and let it die. After losing contact of the developer, Graviex decided to delist Brofist coin from the market. Therefore, we decided to takeover the project and try to turn it to the real project.

Multiple-Tier Masternode Reward System

Traditional masternode systems only had one level. Therefore, masternode holder, who needs to set up many masternodes have to setup master nodes on multiple computer or multiple VPS. So, many masternode holder try to cheat the Brofist masternode system by installing multiple masternodes on single computer; this makes a problem to the system. After, we had decided to takeover the coin. We had discussed in the way how to balance the reward of POW and Masternode to make more fair system. Then, we had the idea to solve this issue by proposing the novel multi-tier masternode system. In this system, the block reward is shared to POW (miner) and MN (masternode holder) by multi level conditions. Percent of share from 6.67% to 80.00% depend on the collateral of the winner masternode. As the result, starter players can try to invest with small risk by setting up a tiny masternode ( with 1250PEW). After that, they can able to accumulate more PEW and improve their masternode, power, and chance to earn more block awards without setting up the new computer.

Soft Fork : Why, How and When

  • Why: The objectives of soft fork are:
    1) for preventing the premined coin.
    2) for implementing new reward system.
    3) for preventing multiple masternode on same ip address.
  • How: We had developed the new Brofist wallet, which implemented the new block creating rule. You need to download and install new Brofist wallet before the softfork process start.
  • When: The softfork process will start at block height = 56000.
Brofist Logo
Coin Ticker PEW
Coin Type POW / Masternode
PoW Algorithm NeoScrypt
Block Time 120 Seconds
Max Coin Supply 31,000,000 PEW
Block Reward
Block No.Reward
250 - 5600012 PEW
56000 - 62000 48 PEW
62001 - 10000036 PEW
100001 - 20000024 PEW<
+20000120 PEW
*Reward yearly decline 8.333%
Development Fund Start at Block# 56000
  • 56000 - 156000 => 1 PEW per Block (Total 100,000 PEW)
  • +156000 => 0.25 PEW per Block (Total 65,000 PEW/year)
** The fund will be used for maintaining the project such as bounty for programmer, webmaster, translator etc.
Multiple-Tier Masternode Rewards after Block# 56,000
TierPEW RequirePOWMaster Node
11,250 PEW 93.33%6.67%
22,500 PEW 86.67%13.33%
35,000 PEW 73.33%26.67%
410,000 PEW 46.67%53.33%
520,000 PEW 33.33%66.67%
650,000 PEW 20.00%80.00%

How to get PEW?

How to install Masternode ?